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05 Nov - 05 Nov Midrand 0830 - 1600    R3150 Book



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Email Etiquette in Midrand

Course Description

Email-Etiquette course teaches students how to use e-mail effectively. Students will learn how to write effective messages and e-policies, use e-mail accessories and passwords, and prevent your password from being stolen. Course activities also cover using the subject line, considering your recipient, managing e-mail volume, following netiquette guidelines, attaching files, preparing for recipient reactions, and using emoticons effectively. Students also learn about the differences between writing online and traditional paper-based writing, achieving e-mail message objectives, using correct punctuation, constructing effective sentences and paragraphs, editing your e-mail messages, and using active voice in writing. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success. Comes with a companion CBT program.


Target Audience

The typical students of this course will be representatives, managers, or executives, who need to learn how to use E-mail effectively.

Email Etiquette in Midrand

1. E-mail Basics

  • Topic A: E-mail Characteristics
  • Writing online versus paper
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of e-mail
  • Understanding the cultural significance of e-mail
  • Topic B: E-mail Programs
  • Using an e-mail program to send e-mail
  • Topic C: When to use E-Mail
  • Communicating by e-mail
  • Understanding when to avoid using e-mail
  • Topic D: Writing an e-mail message
  • Using the MAIL acronym


2. E-mail Policies

  • Topic A: Company Policies
  • Avoiding improper e-mail messages
  • Ensuring employee compliance to e-mail policies
  • Topic B: Copyright laws, viruses and liability
  • Avoiding copyright infringement
  • Avoiding viruses
  • Identifying e-mail liability


3. E-mail Features and Security

  • Topic A: Features of an e-mail program
  • Using attachments
  • Using priority lables and signature files
  • Discussing e-mail program options
  • Topic B: Securing e-mail
  • Using encryption and digital signatures
  • Using passwords


4. E-mail messages

  • Topic A: Message headers
  • Using headers
  • Topic B: E-mail message body
  • Including proper greeting
  • Structuring an e-mail message
  • Closing an e-mail message


5. E-mail effectiveness

  • Topic A: E-mail recipients
  • Considering the factors that determine e-mail writing
  • Anticipating recipient reaction
  • Topic B: Message Management
  • Managing your e-mail effectively


6. Netiquette guideline

  • Topic A: Netiquette style
  • Using proper tone
  • Following formatting guidelines
  • Topic B: Emoticons and abbreviations
  • Using emoticons and electronic abbreviations


7. Composing online correspondence

  • Topic A: Online communication
  • Achieving the objective of the message
  • Topic B: Language and punctuation
  • Improving online writing style
  • Using punctuation correctly
  • Topic C: Efficient writing habits

Course Date  City Course Times    Cost  
30 Oct Cape Town 0830 - 1600    R3150 Book
08 Nov Cape Town 0830 - 1600    R3150 Book
06 Dec Cape Town 0830 - 1600    R3150 Book
05 Nov Midrand 0830 - 1600    R3150 Book
20 Nov Pretoria 0830 - 1600    R3150 Book
03 Dec Pretoria 0830 - 1600    R3150 Book

Course schedule subject to change without notice

Course schedule subject to change without notice